Monday, October 13, 2008

Mighty Cthulhu Disavows Association with John McCain

Dead but dreaming and communicating telepathically from his headquarters in the cyclopean depths of sunken R’lyeh, the tentacle-faced Great Old One denied any association with Senator McCain or his presidential campaign.

“Sure, my earthly cult is composed of cannibalistic psychopaths, and they may have sacrificed a virgin or two, but Senator McCain and Governor Palin have stepped beyond the pale in both the strategy and tactics of the Republican campaign”, he said.

“I may be a hideous monster from the twisted spaces between the stars, but even We balk at the unspeakable maunderings of McCain’s campaign. One day that boy’s gonna blow” The Great One added, “and I’m glad I’ll be about 5,000 fathoms under the Atlantic when it happens.”

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