Sunday, October 12, 2008

Non-partisan Election Note

I'll be in Chicago for a work-related thing on the day of the election. So I voted by absentee ballot. I don't know why everyone doesn't do this. It's fast, convenient, no crowds, no challenges at the polls, no weather trouble, and you have time to think about your decision(s)— all those judges! (Though, unlike Illinois, none were on the ballot in my new Connecticut home. I think the magic happy-unicorn judge fairy sprinkles judge-dust somewhere.)

And you have an automatic receipt because the ballot number and your name/address are recorded (by hand, with exquisite, painstakingly slow, Town-Clerk-y care) in a ledger.

If I recall, the she did not even ask for ID (!) or proof that I would, in fact, be out of town. She did say that this year they were "swamped".

So, until internet voting is perfected, it's absentee every time for this Concerned Citizen.

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